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Roxanne Brown is a jewellery artist based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her work ranges from traditional and modern through to industrial designs. She focuses on unique, hand-made one of a kind jewellery. Roxanne designs and creates original pieces through combining sterling silver, argentium & fine silver, copper, and brass. She is inspired by the visual and tactile interplay of light and touch created through combining these metals with a range of texturing techniques, vitreous glass enamels, patinas, semi-precious stones, and high-quality handmade art glass beads.

Roxanne creates jewellery for both woman and men and does a great deal of custom work. Roxanne's creations come together under the label of Roxanne Brown Jewellery.

Roxanne creates mostly one of a kind pieces but also make pieces that can be customized to keep them unique to each one made.

Every Saturday Roxanne presents a new piece of work on her website that is hot off her jewellers bench. The work is up for the 24 hours of Saturday at an introductory price, come Sunday the price is set to reflect it's full value. It is the one day a week when you get a chance to pick up a new and unique piece for a reduced price.

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