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A VIDA MASSAGE CANDLE has been created with the idea of connection, intimacy and self-care in mind. It evokes deep feelings of comfort and togetherness by combining a sensual massage oil with a mood-enhancing, low-temperature aromatherapy candle - to enjoy either alone or with your loved one.

The experience begins as a beautiful, flickering candle - radiating ambience and a woody, floral scent into your room. The rich and hydrating formula then melts down into a warm massage oil to pour safely onto the skin. The ultra-nourishing blend is made from 100% natural ingredients which penetrate deeply into your muscles, relaxing tension and releasing endorphins.

The soothing formula also works as a revitalising hair oil, restorative moisturiser and skin softener, and for even more intimate use - which means you can light the spark and feel the romance unfold…

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